Shattered Worlds RPG

Campaign Introduction

Opening Scene

The first thing you see is nothing at all. As you grow more conscious each moment, you realize that you’re eyes are closed, but you don’t quite have the strength to even open them yet. The dizziness you feel and the aching all over your body is the only thing convincing your that you're still even alive right now. And if you knew all that awaited you once you opened your eyes, you might wish you weren’t.

A few moments later – or maybe hours, its’ hard to tell – you force your eyes open and will yourself to sit up. You look around and quickly other notice others with you; all seeming to wake up along with you.  Your surroundings are unfamiliar, you realize as you glaze about the darkened room. As your mind becomes more clear, you hear a stranger ask, “Where am I?” in a almost frightening voice. That is when you realize that not only do you not know where you are, you can’t remember anything. Even your name almost escapes you but almost as if reaching for a last breath, or last attempt to make sense of what is going on you’re able to at least recall that much.

You don’t know where you are, how you got there, who these people are, or what is going on. Standing to your feet now, you can clearly see out of the window and what you see makes you wish you stayed sitting. Outside the window, there is endless smoke pouring into the darkened sky. For a far as your eye can see from this towers view is rubble and destruction. Small flames are scattered though out the horizon, and crushed and decimated remains of a city is the only thing that remains. The sun, in all its glory, is nowhere in sight, but it hints to its presence behind the dust and smoke filled sky.

Lost, confused, and shaken is how you have awakened to the destruction around you. How could anyone, or – for that matter – how could you survive the destruction that surrounds you? All you know for sure is that you have questions and it is time to find the answers, and your lost memories.



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