Sir Krogan

A veterin of battle, this zealous paladin is well known for his deeds.


Taller than average, with short dark hair that connects to a neatly trimmed beared, this almost middleaged man looks overal friendly. No visible scars, and the only defining feature on his face would be his blue eyes.

Often seen with a cheezy smile after saying something over pious. His armor is a smooth silver, with the Sybil Court emblem engraved over the heart. Oh his back, in a large leather sheath, he carries a magic Great Sword. The hilt of the sword is a golden color, and the blade is a light silver as well, and very reflective. Along the first quater of the blade from the hilt, on both sides, are several runic symbols.


A well known Paladin of Bahamut, that serves the Sybil Court. Although many do not know his face, he does have defining features. The first would be his elven Great Sword and his over zealous ego.

As for his Sword, it is a ancient relic that Sir Krogan discovered several years ago in his youth. Believing it to be a gift from the gods for him, it then became his personal crusade to remove anything in the way of Bahamut's ideas.

As for his ego, although he doesn't come across aggressively, and has helped hundreds, he often comes across as if his head isn't quite on right. Saying Sir Krogan is just religious, like all paladins, is like saying the Canyon of Crieg (or similiar "Grand Canyon, Earth") is a hole in the ground, like all ditches. This passion has turned away some, but often those who remain are always the most loyal of men.

Sir Krogan

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