Nations of Quientien

Capital City: Jueno
Ruling Party: Grand Duchy of Jueno.

Climate: Hot, Dry.

West – Meraph Mountains
North – another region
South, East – The Great Sea.

The History:
Aeet is the region were runic magic, and therefor the study of magic as a whole was first discovered. This power was used mostly for military might, as an old Aeet empire was recorded as to have controlled all of the civilized lands. This empire, for unknown reason broken apart two thousand years ago.

This area has never been known for any acedemics of magic, and never has regained the luster that it once had. It has, however, been a rich nation in peace time do to it's strong mechance fleet as well as accessability over a moutain range that overall divides the eastern regions.

The Land:

Aeet is home to only a much smaller number of cities compared to other nations and regions. These cities however are large and very well developed. The lack of smaller settlements is largly due to harsh environment and uncommong resources. This land, compared to others is very dry. There are very large subterrainian wells, however these often of either very difficult to use or very costly. All major cities in Aeet (for the most part all cities are major cities in Aeet) have access to these resources. This combined with the common use of magic allow the land to be highly productive for life and communites. 

The weather is very much static. Rarely are their major storms or even wild fires. Although two thirds of this region borders ocean, very little effort has been made to harvest resources from the water. This is due to a natural fear of the oceans most likely.

More green than brown become apparent as the regions moves north and towards the mountains. Unexpectedly their is still very little wildlife or wild game even in these areas. Most settle away from the mountain due to it having the view as dangerous.

There is one prosperous city in the mountains however, and it is used as a connection to other regions. Loudwater is perhaps the smallest of the prosperous cities in Aeet but it is well known; second only to Jeuno.

The Locals:

Thanks to the economic policies of the Grand Duchy, Jeuno has become a center of commerce which provides all its residents with a high standard of living across the board. This econmic influx enriches flows out into all the regions.

The Government: The Grand Duchy of Jueno

Dating back to the rise of the Hailimir Empire, Aeet has always been a more prosperous nation than most. The Hailimir Empire moved it's capital city from Altana to Jueno two hundred years after it's coming to power. This move was in part to secure this vital and vulnerable city from attack but also because it was the center of runic magic knowledge and study.

Once the Hailimir empire started to fall one thousand years ago, this region felt the pains a little less than the rest. Several large noble families initially became the ruling figures of their particular areas. Eventually these nobles started to merge their families together. Within the last five hundred years these nobles merged into one ruling body over all of Aeet. Taking the name of Grand Duchy of Jueno, this family has sucessfuly carried Aeet through economic trouble and keep relative peace.

The military force of this ruling party is the Ducal Guard. Eighty percent of all the Ducal Guard is located in or immediatly around the city of Jueno. The other twenty percent are stationed across Aeet at various points of interest at gaurd towers. The Ducal Guard are not meant to be the sole defense of the land and protection almost requires that each individual city has it's own militia. The Ducal Guard are more of enforcers of the Grand Duchy and much more of body guards.

Major Cities/Settlements or other Points of Interest:

Jeuno, Capital City.
Loudwater, City inthe Meriphataud Mountains of Aeet.
Elisha, a large settlement north of Jueno.


Garic's Inn; an abandoned inn a few miles north of Jeuno.


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