Runic Magic, Arcane Forces and Lore
Magic or the Arcane as it exists in this realm exists within all living creatures. According to recorded history it was only within the last 2000 years that people starting to use magic on regular bases. It is unknown to what degree the knowledge grew, however the progress and results of it are clear. The empire of Hailamir of the Aeet region where the first to learn to understand and use runic magic. 

Scholars first discovered how to tap into the arcane through the use of Runic Magic. In a nutshell, Runic Magic consists of using special symbols and patterns to channel arcane energy into a useable format. While the arcane as a science has never been fully understood, most everyday citizen’s posses at least basic understands of runic magic. There truly is no known limit to what runic magic is capable of. This is true so long as the runic symbol focuses the arcane forces is a 'correct' method, of correct size and with sufficient energy/will. What this translates to is that, while anything is possible it is not probable. The larger the project, the larger the runic symbol and the more arcane force that must pass through it to be channeled.

It is conievablely possible for anyone to just create a symbol, insert arcane force into it and produce a result. The limiting factor to this exists in the knowledge of arcane forces and the design of the symbol. While all living forces posses arcane forces within themselves, as a part of themselves it does not mean that such enegery is tamable, controllable or even useful to produce magical results.

Arcane Force is comparable to the life force that exists everywhere. These arcane energies however, are different person to person, sometimes vastly different. To provide imagery, compare a trained scholar, a barbaric warrior, a wild beast and a common peasant.

The representation of the arcane forces within the trained scholar could be that of the ocean crashing against a rocky beach; quite capable of using the arcane, although, just like the tide more so a certain times than others.
Within the barbaric warrior, the arcane could be compared to a tame lake; the capacity to use and control the arcane exist however there is no evidence that the warrior is capable of stirring up the forces, hence the still water.
The wild beast, being much closer to nature and the arcane itself, would be represented as a fast moving river; driven by basic instinct and self preservation the beast is quite capable of exerting the arcane. However, such a beast because of its nature will never be able to expound upon the uses of the arcane. IE, only capable of breathing fire.
A specific peasant could be represented by a lake that has a dam; no matter how much the potential, without a way to express and learn the forces within, the peasant will produce little magical influence.


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