Qualrin is the ancient name given to the world and realm that exists – at least according to the inhabitant of Quientien.

Quientien is the only known land mass that has been discovered. As far as most of the civilized people are concerned it is also the only land mass. Concerning all other, those that dared to search the sea either never returned or found ruin among the tempest of storms that seem to incompass Quientien after a great distance.

The only reason for the destinction between the land of Quientien and the world of Qualrin comes first from ancient tradition that teaches that the heavens above Quientien and the depths of the oceans surronding it are all seperate at apart of Qualrin. The second, and more likely the most relavent to today's civilations, comes from the governments and kingdoms of Quientien not wanting to offend any of their gods. Therefor when they claim total dominion, or desire to rule over all Quientien, they do so to show reverence to their god's domain over Qualrin.

Quientien aside there are two other main features of Qualrin as a whole. Those are The Great Depths and [[Heaven's Cradle]]. Breifly, the former consists of all of the great oceans that surrond Quientien up to the The Great Depths. The latter being the stars, and other heavenly bodies above Quientien. The importance of the Cradle is that the stars consistantly change positioning and constellation.


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