Quientien is a vast continent, and is divided up into seven regions.

Aeet, Bellatone Ceitan, Dimmathir, Eabokas, Fejumae, and Gowdia.

These regions spread across Quientien in various sizes and varying geographical differences. The boundaries between each region are all naturally occurring. Through out recorded history the control of one kingdom has often crossed these natural boundaries. In more recent history – last 200 years – most kingdoms, empires and dynasties have more or less stayed within their region's boundaries.

All regions have their own unique and varity of geography, wilderness, resources and climates. As a general rule however, there are more extreme, more common and more abundant examples of these features in certain regions that others.
Quientien becomes much colder as you travel north and hotter and you travel south. To the west you will find the most rigid and numerous mountains. Central areas consists more of rolling hill and lakes. The east varies more in dry arid climtes with smaller vegitation.. The cradle of the civilization is found in the central regions and spreading south and east. This is where majority of recorded history is found, the densest populations and largest cities. The areas of least civilizied life are to the extreme north and less extreme south, south east.


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